You must be aware that Kubra Khan is a talented actress. But did you know that she’s an equally talented prankster?

In a recent appearance on Hum News’ Eid transmission show, Subah Sey Aagey, Usman Mukhtar, famous for his role in ‘Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay,’ made a notable revelation. While discussing his relationships with fellow actors, Mukhtar jokingly admitted to having reservations about working with Kubra Khan.


In response to a question about the actors he refuses to collaborate with, Usman Mukhtar said, “I won’t work with Kubra Khan.”
He said, “She often plays pranks on me during filming. There was this one incident where she tricked me with a virtual reality headset. She made me believe I was high up on a building ledge before pushing me. I thought I was falling from a great height. It was really distressing for me, especially since I have a fear of heights. Despite being friends with Kubra Khan, I found that experience terrible.”