A clip from the Dunya News comedy show ‘Mazaaq Raat’ featuring model and actress Sarah Neelum went viral on social media.

Neelum was seen mocking overseas Pakistanis for pretending to be well-established and wealthy in Pakistan, while they are actually washing toilets abroad.

The clip received severe backlash from overseas Pakistanis. One user wrote:


“This unknown model on national television is claiming that overseas Pakistanis clean gutters abroad and come to Pakistan to show off by wearing cotton clothes. Meanwhile, these very overseas Pakistanis contribute $32 million through their hard work abroad.”

Actor Shaan Shahid was among the voices who critcised Neelum’s opinion:

“Our overseas Pakistanis .. from all walks of life are our pride .. none should show disrespect .. towards them .. as the country and we the nation owe them much more than respect .. as their sacrifices are beyond words.. much respect.”

The host of the comedy show, Vasay Chaudhry, stepped in to apologise for the tasteless joke by calling it a “ridiculous comment”.

“I want to publicly apologise on behalf of my whole team at #Mazaqraat ,a very stupid,Vile & ridiculous comment was made recently abt overseas’s Pakistani’s by one of the guests in our show which was followed up by an attmepted joke by one of the comedians(again in bad taste).”

The ‘Punjab Nahi Jaugni’ actor further added:

“A formal apology will be aired in tonight’s episode. However , I wanted to personally apologise to all the Pakistanis living abroad.We Love you , even though you might not feel the same at this point, but ” ghalatiaan apnoo say he hoti hain.”