Earlier this year Yasir Hussain, Mikaal Zulfiqar, Ayesha Omar and Sabeeka Imam stepped forward and raised their voice for veteran actress Naila Jafri, who was battling ovarian cancer.

The Mausam fame veteran actress passed away on Saturday, July 17.

In her appeal video, Naila had requested for compensation of her re-broadcasted dramas on PTV.



“For the last six years, I [have been tied to] hospitals, as well as illness and cancer,” said the veteran actor. “I have also not had my second round of chemo either because of persistent infection and during this time I wondered: ‘What if the government lends a hand in this? What if they set up some policies for older people from the arts and sports sector?’.”

She further said: “When I initially joined PTV, I would get royalties for re-run shows and while that amount was nowhere near enough, it was still something and I liked having a stream of disposable income on the side.”

“I have been confined to a hospital bed for six years now and while everyone has supported me, loved me, helped me, and motivated me I wish there was some way to gain royalties on some of my last re-run plays,” said the actor. “Though I understand that it might not look like a lot to many people, for people like me who stopped working years ago, this support becomes important.”

“I request and demand that something is done for senior artists in the future since it’s become harder and harder for us to manage,” requested Naila.

Her famous and notable projects include Noorpur Ki Rani and Anaya Tumhari Hui.