A YouTuber Muktiar Bibi, who makes videos on the daily routine of her life in the village, in a recent video, shared that she is receiving threats from a few people in her area. Muktiar, whose channel ‘Daily Routine’ has over 200,000 subscribers, alleged that people that she considered her close friends are threatening her to give them her channel or the earnings from it.

According to the Youtuber, these people even threatened her to kidnap her son or involve her in a legal case from which she would never be able to get out.

“They want us to either handover our channel or give them the money earned from this. I have kept my son Mohammad Abrar in the house for the past six to seven days. I don’t let him go outside because I am scared. I am a mother,” she said in the video. Bibi requested her viewers to support and help her. The video, now made private, was widely shared on social media, after which the Lodhran Police contacted Bibi.


“I request that you guys help me and tell me what can I do. We live in this small house. What do we know about court matters?”

I made this small channel and it eventually grew to the point where I could earn enough to feed my children and educate them. I have promoted some 30 channels here but never have I taken money from them. I promoted them so they can succeed and use their channel to earn.

At the end of the video, Muktiar told her followers that in case anything happens to her in the future, they should know her side of the story.

After the video went viral, the local police of Lodhran district went to her house and assured the family that they would be safe. She uploaded another video on Sunday in which she thanked the Lodhran Police DPO for offering support. The video showcases Muktiar and her son talking to the police and thanking them.

“I would like to thank the DPO of Lodhran, Syed Qara Hussain Shah. I pray that he succeeds in his life and stays happy,” she said.