A video made rounds on social media where a horse can be seen grinning while treating himself to some chips from a woman’s plate.

The video was uploaded on Twitter by ‘Viral Hog’, with the caption: “This happy horse can’t stop grinning at salt and vinegar chips 😋🐴😂.”

In the video, a woman wearing a pink T-shirt is seen sitting in a field, accompanied by a few other people. She is holding a plate of salt and vinegar chips.

A horse, who happens to be standing right beside her, keeps munching the chips in delight from her plate.


Each time the horse bends his neck, he takes a snack from the plate and ends up smiling after each bite. Everyone present at the scene can be heard roaring with laughter when they see the horse smile.

The person making the video happens to be the woman’s son and can be heard saying, “Oh he likes mom’s chips.”

Later, two dogs appear in the video and look intrigued by the happenings and the laughter. They too begin to eat the pieces that dropped from the animal’s mouth.