A video of a Moroccan football player being whipped by a man during a match in the Saudi Football League is viral on social media.

In the video, a man can be seen whipping a player of the Etihad Football Club team while security personnel grab the player and move back.

The incident took place in Abu Dhabi, where Al-Ittihad lost to Al Hilal in the final match of the Saudi Super Cup, after which a man lost his temper and lashed out at losing team member Moroccan footballer Abdul Razzaq Hamdullah.


Hamdullah, a striker from Morocco, scored a goal for his team Al-Ittihad in the match, but they lost 1-4.

The Saudi Football Federation says that the action of the so-called fan does not reflect Saudi football, and condemn the incident. They also said that fan rules and regulations will be revised to prevent such incidents in the future.

Football club Al-Ittihad has not expressed any reaction to the incident and the man has been detained by security personnel.