Renowned fashion designer Maria B’s husband was reportedly arrested for criminal negligence after the family allowed their house help to travel back home despite being tested positive for COVID-19.

According to a video of a teary-eyed Maria doing the rounds on social media, which is “an appeal to Prime Minister Imran Khan”, the Punjab Police burst into their house at midnight, arrested her husband and registered an FIR against him for contracting the coronavirus.

“They arrested him without a lawyer. They didn’t even let a lawyer come,” she said, adding that the police were rude to them and referred to them as culprits.


“Why [are we culprits],” she questioned. “We are the ones who are suffering. We are the ones whose tests are coming. Anytime positive. My entire family. And we are the ones who have to be arrested? Is this the system?”

A picture of her husband behind bars is also doing the rounds on social media.

However, according to the spokesman of the Lahore Police, the designer’s husband was arrested for allowing their cook, who had tested positive for coronavirus, to go back to his village via public transport. They hid the fact that he had the coronavirus which is why the police arrested him.