Shehnaaz Gill, famous for being part of Big Boss, delayed a performance in respect of Namaaz. In a viral video she can be seen receiving an award for Digital Personality of Year before which the presenter asked her to sing a few lines.

“It feels so nice. No one else deserved this award better than you. Please sing a few lines, just anything. Whatever you have in your heart, just sing those few lines. Your fans are waiting eagerly for you to sing. I have requests saying people won’t eat unless Shehnaaz sings.”



As she heard the Azaan, Shehnaaz quickly stopped singing, stood still, and bowed her head in respect. Only once the Azaan was finished did Gill start singing again.
“Should I sing an unreleased song,” she asked. But when told to do so, she said, “No, that cannot be. No, I will sing a song that is already out.”

People on social media are praising the female singer turned actor for this act.