There is no doubt that vloggers like Irfan Junejo, Mooroo and Zaid Ali T have a massive following and are watched by Pakistanis around the world. Which is why their silence on the ongoing issue in Kashmir is irking people.

The Indian government revoked Article 370 which gave Kashmir a special status as a result of which the situation in Indian occupied Kashmir has worsened for all the Muslims living there.

When a Twitter user called out Irfan Junejo for not raising his voice for the Kashmiris, Irfan strongly replied, “Please cancel me.”


Soon after, the hashtag, Irfan Junejo began to trend on Twitter and people started calling out Junejo, and other vloggers, for not raising their voice because they did not want to lose their “Indian” followers.

Among those who lashed out was, Nasir Khan Jan.

Following NKJ’s tweet, Shahveer Jaffery tweeted condemning the current situation in IoK.

Irfan later released a video in which he said that he will not be making a video on the Kashmir situation because he doesn’t want to use it as content to generate money. Irfan’s explanation did not please anyone and they were not ready to buy his ideas. They said that Irfan stayed away from talking about Kashmir because he knew that videos will be demonetized if he talked in support of Kashmir.