According to a new study conducted by experts at the University of Texas, executives who frequently advertise themselves on Twitter are more likely to secure higher-paying jobs.

“In a recent study, Texas McCombs professor of information, risk, and operations management Andrew Whinston found that savvy executive candidates such as CEOs and CIOs who modestly — but frequently — tout their knowledge, expertise, and skills on Twitter were 32 per cent more likely to attract higher-paying job offers after interviews.”

“Self-promotion worked in this class of people. We found that the idea of self-promotion is indeed a valid concept and that it’s worth some time and effort to promote yourself on Twitter,” the research added.



However, researchers warn that there may be hazards to this social practice. If hiring managers don’t like what they see on your profile, it will likely impact your hiring process. In addition, poorly written tweets might backfire on CEO prospects.