Looking to buy a washing machine? Which one is the most popular in Pakistan? We compare two brands that are the most popular in your city.

According to our research, Samsung, LG, and Toshiba are also very popular but according to salespeople at local stores, these two are the ones most commonly bought

Haier Rs 31,000 – 92,000 LG Rs 52,000 – 99,000
Capacity: 7kg – 35kg. (36 items of clothing – 180 items of clothing) Capacity : 6kg – 19 kg (31 items of clothing – 96 items of clothing)
Service Centres: Four in Karachi and three in Lahore Service Centres: One in Karachi and one in Lahore
Pro: Easy to use  Pro: Advanced functions
Con: Lid may get loose Con : Only two service centres

Samsung is also a very good option but it’s expensive.


DISCLAIMER: This review is not sponsored. The Current has done its own independent research for this review.