An unruly and drunk flyer on Sunday forced the cabin crew to physically restrain him using cable ties during an international flight from Dubai to Islamabad.
The incident happened on an Emirates flight where a man’s behaviour was described by a witness as drunk and “extremely violent”, according to a US-based outlet. The individual was subdued by the crew initially but with help from fellow passengers, he was tackled to the ground.

A video has emerged on social media platforms showing a restrained passenger in an airport wheelchair. The viral footage captures the individual’s attempt to headbutt a male flight crew member, who, along with another crew member, successfully pushes him to the floor. Subsequently, two male crew members hold the passenger down while two female flight attendants secure his legs using cable ties.

In a post on X, a Pakistani journalist Amir Mateen shared details from a fellow passenger, describing the man’s aggressive behavior and subsequent restraint by the Emirates cabin crew. Mateen raised questions regarding the passenger’s release, suggesting potential connections enabling his departure despite the incident.


“This happened in Dubai flight to Islamabad this morning. Sent by a passenger who remained terrified during the flight: “Drunk guy extremely violent. Restrained and handcuffed by Emirates cabin crew but I think Pak authorities let him go as he was well connected,” said Amir Mateen, who was a person on board.

This incident adds to a series of similar occurrences in recent months, including a mid-air altercation on a Southwest Airlines flight in February and other incidents of disruptive behavior aboard flights.