Chat GPT has swept the world up in its wake, generating responses to all kinds of topics and triggering a debate on how good it is or isn’t at its job. By simply entering a few keywords and prompts, the artificial intelligence chatbot can be used to write letters, college application essays and even novels, with Amazon already enlisting books where the co-author includes the AI bot.

We were curious about ChatGPT’s storytelling capabilities, wondering if it is good enough to write a Pakistani story? We have all grown up listening to horror stories like Karsaaz ki Dulhan, the wandering woman at Mohatta Palace, so can Chat GPT give us something equally eerie and chilling?

The result is printed here and we leave it to our audience to decide whether this was a good spooky story or not:


“Once upon a time in Karachi, there was a family named Ahmed. They lived in a big house, where multiple generations of the family resided. The house was luxurious with plenty of large rooms, but there were always rumors about mysterious things that happened inside the house at night.

One day, a new family moved next door to the Ahmeds. They had a daughter named Aisha who was just six years old. Aisha was a curious little girl who could be found playing in the front yard of her house every day. One day while playing, Aisha caught sight of the house next door. She couldn’t take her eyes off the house, so she walked up to the fence separating their properties.

Suddenly, she saw a ghostly apparition with long hair and an old-fashioned dress in the window of the house next door. Terrified, Aisha ran back to her parents and told them everything. They didn’t believe her, thinking it was just her imagination.

That night, the Ahmeds also noticed something unusual: the sound of footsteps could be heard from within the house. It sounded like someone was walking down the hallway. They were all very scared, and some members of the family started to believe the rumors they had heard about the house.

Finally, the elder members of the Ahmed family decided to investigate. They searched the entire house but found nothing. But the very next night, the footsteps became louder and the ghostly apparition again appeared in the window. This time, everyone saw it.

They decided to approach the local priest to help them with this situation. The priest told them that the house was built on an ancient burial ground, and the person buried there had been murdered. The restless soul of that victim was haunting the house, and it had now become more active because of Aisha’s presence.

The family was very scared, but the priest performed an exorcism and recited some holy verses to calm the spirit. Soon the house was free of the ghostly presence, and the family members were able to live there in peace.

From that day on, the Ahmed family knew that they should never underestimate the power of spirits and the potential for paranormal activity. They lived on, never forgetting what had happened and always being careful to not disturb the burial grounds next door.”