It’s true that there are a lot of reasons to be miserable in Pakistan right now: inflation, political instability, religious conflicts, the list keeps going.

But it’s heartwarming to witness how talented Pakistani people are that they keep blowing us away with their creativity and sense of humor, such as a new trend that is re-imagining what Wes Anderson films would look like if instead of the West, they were shot in Pakistan.

A social media user reimagined how Anderson’s film would look like in a village in Dera Ismail Khan.


The result: mindblowing.

Another video that kick started the trend was when a man decided to re-imagine how the iconic Hollywood director’s film would be shot if he landed in Chitral-and seriously we would love to pitch these ideas ourselves to Anderson.

Twitter users are blown away by the creativity and honestly we agree with all of them. Let’s start calling directors like Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino to Pakistan!