Military Spokesperson Major General Asif Ghafoor did a briefing yesterday, updating the press of Pakistan’s fight for Kashmir’s rights. He spoke about how Kashmir was Pakistan’s “jugular vein” and how Pakistan would protect it at all costs. He also warned India of any “misadventure” and said that “nuclear countries do not go to war”. During his briefing, the background was of a green leaf.

D.G. ISPR Asif Ghafoor’s press briefing

The leaf is a chinar tree leaf and symbolizes Kashmir. The chinar tree is largely found in Kashmir or European countries and it is largely believed that the Mughal Emperor Akbar planted chinars in the Kashmir valley.

A large chinar tree

1,200 saplings of chinar were planted at the same time in a ‘Char Chinar’ pattern, which is four chinar trees planted in four corners of a piece of land.


Chinar leaf in autumn

The Char Chinar pattern creates overarching shade so a person standing in any part of the area would have shade during the whole day.

Chinar trees in autumn in Srinagar

For Indians, visiting Srinagar in autumn, is an attractive holiday since the chinar leaves turn golden before they fall.