WhatsApp will soon get two new features that will make using messenger more convenient. The first feature is the option to block a contact right from the message notification pop-up, and the second feature offers separate tabs for taking photos and recording videos from within the app.

Presently, if you want to block someone on WhatsApp, you have to go to the app, select the chat, tap on the contact information, and then select the option to block the contact. Some people might find the process too lengthy, which is why WhatsApp is working on offering an option to block a contact right from an unwanted message’s pop-up notification. This will make it easier to block a contact.

To prevent you from unintentionally blocking your contacts, this option will only appear for contacts that are not saved on your device.


Currently, in WhatsApp, you must press and hold the camera shutter button in order to shoot a video. If you want to record a lengthy video, it can feel fairly difficult.

WhatsApp is now testing a new feature that provides various tabs for shooting pictures and making videos. So, all you have to do to record a video is choose the video mode in the viewfinder and give the record button one quick tap.

These features are expected to roll out to the stable version of the app in the next few months.