According to WaBetaInfo, the Meta-owned messaging platform WhatsApp is developing a new feature that will simplify the identification of messages received from unknown contacts in WhatsApp group chats.

The latest WhatsApp beta for Android update has been released by the instant messaging app, which enhances the functionality introduced in December 2022 by swapping numbers with push names in the message bubble of group chats.

As per the report, a push name will be shown every time a user receives a message from an unknown contact in a group chat, rather than the mobile number, in the chat list. This change makes it easier for the recipient to recognize who the unknown contact is without having to save the number as a new contact.



This is particularly useful in large group chats where identifying unknown group members can be difficult. The push name may even appear instead of the phone number in different sections of the app, such as the group participants list.

The new feature has also been made available to some iOS beta testers after installing the WhatsApp beta for iOS update. The report notes that the new feature is currently accessible to some beta testers who install the latest updates of WhatsApp beta for Android from the Play Store, and it is anticipated to be made available to even more users in the coming days.