WhatsApp has recently introduced a new feature, allowing users to post voice notes as statuses, with a maximum recording length of 30 seconds for their contacts to listen to. These voice notes will have a lifespan of 24 hours before disappearing, expanding the types of content that can be shared through the status feature.

The meta-owned messenger introduced the status feature in 2017, which initially allowed users to share photos, videos, GIFs, and text updates. With the increasing popularity of voice messaging on the platform, the company has now added the option to share voice notes as statuses. In March of the previous year, WhatsApp announced that it was processing a daily average of 7 billion voice messages, further highlighting the growing demand for this feature.

Moreover, WhatsApp is enhancing the status feature by offering status reactions, similar to the message reactions that were introduced by the company last year. Additionally, users will now have the ability to specify their desired audience for statuses, allowing them to control who can view their updates. This audience selection can be saved and applied to all future status updates, providing more control over privacy and visibility.


It is currently uncertain how many users are actively utilizing the status feature to communicate with their contacts, however, the company is actively striving to increase its popularity.