This Eid ul Azha, there are three exciting Lollywood films set to hit cinemas. Many people eagerly wait for Eid to enjoy a day out with family and friends at the movies. Unlike Eid Ul Fitr, which had only one Pakistani film, ‘Daaghabaazdil,’ this time we have three options to choose from. Additionally, ‘JEE Ve Sonheya,’ featuring Imran Abbas and Indian actress Sim Chahal, was initially banned but later released after Eid.

UmroAyyar – A New Beginning

This upcoming Pakistani fantasy film is about Umro, a character from the classic Urdu novel.
Cast: Ali Kazmi, Farhan Tahir, Hamza Ali Abbasi, Manzar Sehbai, Sana Fakhar, Sanam Saeed, Simi Raheal, Usman Mukhtar. The genre of the film is sci-fi movie. It is directed by Azfar Jafri and produced by VR Chili Production.



Humza, a young Kashmiri boy, flees to AJK with his brother after their father’s death and pursues his passion for music in Muzaffarabad, but struggles with haunting childhood memories. A chance encounter with a Lahori tourist, Zara, encourages him to move to Lahore to chase his dreams and overcome his past. The film is directed by Asad Mumtaz and produced by Ali Chaudhry, Gohar Mumtaz, and Muhammad Waleed Abbas. The screenplay is written by Shoiab Rabbani. The genre of the film is drama.
Gohar Mumtaz, Hareem Farooq, Hina Bayat, Kubra Khan, Mahmood Aslam, Shahzad Nawaz, Usman Peerzada

Bhediya: A scientist’s theory

The film suggests that humans evolved from animals, but today’s humans quickly revert to animalistic behavior, forgetting their values. ‘Bhediya’ tells the story of one such person who seeks revenge, blurring the lines between humans and animals. This individual’s quest for inner satisfaction transforms them into a ‘Bhediya’, losing their human identity. It is directed by Shahzad Billa and the screenplay is written by Tofiqe Shah, produced by Mukhtar Ahmad Khawaja. The gernre of the film is action and adventure.
Cast: Ali Khan, Baba Khan, Sarfaraz Khan, Shafqat Cheema, Shahzad Billa, Sidra Noor, Sumaira Saghir, Syed Amar