Mahira Khan is currently sharing more pictures of the intimate wedding festivities where only her close friends and family members were present. Yesterday, she shared pictures of the mayoun her childhood best friends had thrown for her, thanking them in the caption for showering immense love and joy for her special day.

“So when I told my friends about the wedding,” the ‘Raees superstar wrote on Instagram. “I also laid out a few ‘requests’. This is how they went –

Me – Guys please I’m too old for dances, can we not have dances ?
Friends – No. we have to.
M – Ok just one?
F – Hell No.
M – Ok please no dholkis before Bhurban. We should all just chill.
F – talk to the ✋🏼


As time came close and they all were over everyday.. I realised they just wanted to celebrate me and us. My childhood friends, work friends, my cousins… had seen it all with me – held me when I was down and clapped when I succeeded. I had done the same with them.

To these insanely amazing humans I call family. I love you all so freaking much. Alhumdulillah. MashAllah. 🧿”

Here are some of the people present in the pictures, whom Mahira calls her closest friends. The people present are makeup artists Anam Farooq Khan, Adnan Ansari and Babar Zaheer, stylist Nida Khan, and Mahira’s former manager Seher Hafeez. Among her childhood friends are Feeha Jamshed, Sana Hafeez Shaikh, Narood Dharani and Sarah Ajmal.

The celebrities present in the picture are Momal Sheikh, who is currently starring in Mahira’s drama ‘Razia’, as well as singer and actor Azaan Sami Khan.

Mahira’s childhood friend and fashion designer Feeha Noor Jamshed shared a message on Tuesday about how she was the one who linked up Mahira and Salim together eight years ago, writing that she ‘manifested this union’.

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Among the celebrities present, actor Sheheryar Munawar was invited to the actress’s wedding reception, and on his Instagram he penned a long note celebrating his friendship with Mahira and gushed about her gorgeous wedding.

“Meri Pyari Muni,

From our first meeting a decade ago when you asked me who i was and what business i had being there ( you have a knack for setting the tone in the first meeting ) to dancing all night and pouring our hearts out to each other, knowing we both have “halka paits” … “but mahira this one you can’t tell anyone” – “sherry i’ll kill you if you tell anyone – and i mean ANYONE” , From having different methods 🙄 and annoying each other on sets to being each others confidants and support system on the toughest ones. From Competing to be @asimrazatvf favourite child to standing up for each other when it comes to everyone else – it’s been a beautiful journey, one i wouldn’t want to be on with anyone else. As you embark on a new journey, here’s celebrating you and wishing you all the love and magic the universe has to offer !
Even though i’ve shared the wedding stage with you on film so many times and was making fun of people for crying at the mehndi – seeing you walk down that aisle had me bawling 😭
you and saleem both looked beautiful and you both lucked out ❤

Shadi Mubarik Pyari Muni 😘”

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Mahira posted a comment thanking Sheheryar for the love: “I love love love you. And you know know know that. My sherry with 🍒 on top ♥