A recent video of one of the richest men on the planet, Microsoft head Bill Gates, taking chai from a roadside tea-man Dolly Patil has gone viral, garnering a lot of reactions on social media platforms and in turn making the teaboy a sought-after celebrity and raising the number of his followers on TikTok and Instagram. 

Dolly, with his colourful hair, ear piercings, retro shades, and lean body, has a unique personality prompting the media to campout at his stall after the video went viral. In the clip, Gates was seen experiencing the local culture in a very personal way – by enjoying a cup of chai. 

The clip starts with Gates requesting, “One chai, please,” from Dolly Chaiwala. The tea seller’s unique method of preparing the tea on his special cart is a highlight, offering a glimpse into the artistry that goes into making the beloved drink. The video was shared on Bill Gates’ account to appreciate the diversity of India. 


ANI too interviewed the chaiwala who claimed that he did not even know who Bill Gates was when the video was shot. 

“I was not aware at all. I thought that he was a guy from a foreign country so I should serve him tea. The next day when I came back to Nagpur I came across ‘Maine kisko chai pilaya.’ He (Bill Gates) said ‘Wow, Dolly ki Chai.’ We did not speak at all, he was standing just beside me and I was busy with my work.”

Talking about his styling, he said, “I watch South movies and from them, I have learned these styles…Today, I feel that I have become ‘Nagpur ka Dolly chai wala.’ In future, I wish to serve tea to [Indian] Prime Minister Narendra Modi.”

The statement took the internet by storm. An account on Instagram posted, “To hell with my degree, I should have been selling tea.” 

A user commented that this will be remembered as the most unexpected collaboration ever. 

People envied by posting memes about the newly famous Dolly managing to meet Bill Gates. 

Some made fun of the fact that Dolly did not recognise Bill Gates after getting famous. 

Another quipped that it’s the time of chaiwalas, as one became PM (referring to Narendra Modi of India) and now Dolly become so famous that he met Bill Gates. 

However, writer Dilip Mangal in a matter-of-fact way, pointed out that Bill Gates can see a market of 50 million middle-class Dalit consumers/buyers in India. He not only drinks tea from a Dalit’s shop-Dolly Chaiwala-but also gets a video made of it.