Dr. Arooba Tariq, television host, recently shared her experience of being offered a lead role in a major Geo TV drama during a podcast with Hafiz Ahmed. She revealed that despite the significant offer, she declined the opportunity due to her father’s disapproval and her own reservations about the intense scenes requiring close physical contact with co-stars.

“In the media industry, people tend to remember you by your face, especially if you’ve previously appeared on TV shows. As a result, I received a significant offer from Geo TV to play the main lead in a big drama. They genuinely wanted me to be a part of the brilliant ensemble cast of the play.


In an attempt to convince me to take the job, they even brought me to the studio to experience the set and recording processes. My father, on the other hand, was not into it, so I was limited to hosting. I was still thinking about going to the Shahnoor studio, though. Following this, I came to the conclusion that acting was not for me, especially in light of the dramatic sequences that required close physical contact with co-stars. I declined the opportunity since, as a novice, I would not have any creative control over altering such daring situations.