Once again, Pakistani television shows fail to understand how elitism in their content disconnects them from their audiences.

Nida Yasir has time and time again been called out by the internet for using her show ‘Good Morning Pakistan’ to promote misogynist, sexist content and giving platforms to abusers, but her recent episode has sparked outrage for mocking salon workers. This morning’s episode featured the host along side five other public figures including television presenter Nadia Khan, who were invited for an hour-long pedicure while they all talked about completely random things.

In the beginning of the episode, Nida Yasir said the purpose of this segment was to invite her friends, and in a way encourage every woman out there to take some time out for themselves. But through out the episode, we can see that it is only elite women who share Nina’s stature and can afford to find the time to get pampered and massaged, but working class women like salon workers are forced to work for long hours without any regard for their mental health. Because by the end of the day, it is these women who need to make a living and cannot afford to take time off from their jobs, even if it means being forced to sit in uncomfortable positions to massage the feet of elite women for an hour and a half.


During this one hour and 30 minute painful watch, Nida Yasir and her friends gloat about their love for saris, their foreign trips, their beauty tips, while the women toiling away at their feet cannot afford such luxuries

.We have to ask what was the purpose of this show? Is Nida Yasir aware that most women who are fans of her show aren’t able to afford luxuries like finding time to party with their friends, while ignoring all of their household responsibilities, considering most of them can relate to the struggles of the salon workers.

Nida Yasir could have interviewed salon workers and asked them about finding time to pamper themselves, but instead she chose to mock them, and other working class women in such a demeaning manner.

Twitter Tamkenat began the conversation by slamming the episode. Taking to her Twitter account, the content creator wrote:

“Morning show on ARY digital right now, where elite privileged women are getting live pedicures on tv, while discussing how disgusted they were by their body hair as teenagers.”

Soon this led to others to criticise the morning show host and ARY for thinking such content is acceptable.