A woman raided her ex-husband’s cryogenics lab and stole frozen dead bodies and brains of people who paid thousands of pounds with hopes of being brought back to life in the future.

As per reports, the incident happened in Moscow, Russia. The 59-year-old, Valeria Udalova, and staff of her company stole the remains of dead bodies that were stored in her ex-husband Danila Medevdev’s lab. Some of the corpses were from Britain and the US.

They took out the liquid nitrogen from giant flasks containing frozen bodies and took them along with some detached brains.


The cops managed to capture the cargo of human remains preserved by “Frankenstein” technology offering humans the chance to “come back to life” in the future.

“The police could not catch Valeria. She took someone’s brain from the storage and escaped. The brains of our neuro-patients were kept separately, in special metal medical boxes,” Medvedev told the media.

Both Medvedev and Udalova claim to be the legitimate owners of the human remains.

The police is investigating the claims of both parties while demanding them to guarantee the “integrity” of the frozen human remains and bodies of dozens of cats and dogs.