A married woman from the Alkani tribe has been allegedly killed by her husband and his allies over ‘honour’. According to Dawn News, the stoning took place in the limits of Chucha Border Military Police (BMP) station in the tribal area of Rajanpur district.

Local sources have said that the woman was accused of adultery with a man, leading to her husband killing her, along with her brother-in-law and their accomplice. They reportedly smashed her head with stones and clubs.

While the woman died, the suspects managed to flee the scene.


According to Dawn News, the BMP in Chucha tribal area has filed a case against the suspects under different sections of the Pakistan Penal Code, including 302 (murder), 148 (rioting armed with deadly weapon), 149 (unlawful assembly), and 311 (punishment for murder if act taking place in order to facilitate the commission of a crime).

The sources also highlighted a case from about two years ago when a woman was subjected to a tribal ritual locally called Aus (trial by fire) Auf (trial by water) in which an accused person walks on burning coals to prove his or her innocence or remains underwater, for the duration of their breath.

The woman back then had successfully walked on burning coals without suffering burns on her feet, thus proving her innocence.

Political Assistant Qasim Gill confirmed to Dawn that BMP teams are conducting raids to apprehend the escaped suspects.