Update: The preliminary report of the case of the woman identified as Maryam allegedly falling to death after being beaten up by a police officer in the Millat Express train has come to light.

It was reported that the woman jumped from the moving train on April 8 at 6:30 am at Chanigoth, dying on the spot, reports Geo.

Rescue staff says that the woman was going from Karachi to Faisalabad along with children. Despite people trying to stop her, she jumped from the window of the moving train.


Contradiction in the stance of Police

On the other hand, there is a contradiction in the position of the police regarding the officer involved in the violence against the woman in which the police say that the bail of the police officer Mir Hassan was granted on April 13, the day after his arrest.

The police have said that Mir Hasan has been suspended and a case has been registered against him.

Stance of Maryam’s brother

The woman’s brother Afzal said that the deceased woman Maryam belonged to Chak 648 GB of Jaranwala. She left Karachi on April 7 via Millat Express. She was buried in the village on April 9, after it was said that she died in a train accident, but after the video went viral, the violence on the sister and the facts behind the incident came to be known.

The woman’s brother alleged that the police officer raped Maryam and killed her and threw the body on the track.

In addition, Ghalib Hamad, the nephew of the woman, said in his statement that he was with his aunt. “The policeman objected to loud noise of her recitation and started assaulting her. He took Aunt Maryam with him and then dropped us at the next station.”

Previously, a body of a woman who was tortured by railway police officer Mir Hasan on the Millat Express train, was found near Chani Goth Railway Station in Bahawalpur.


The policeman was arrested last week after the video went viral in which he could be seen pulling the woman’s hair and hitting her multiple times while other passengers watched silently.

A local court in Hyderabad approved the cop’s bail on the same day against a surety bond of Rs35,000. The Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) Railways Abdullah Sheikh confirmed that the incident took place on April 7 on the Karachi to Lala Musa-bound Millat Express.

However, just a day after the the cop was released on bail, the woman’s body was found in Bahawalpur.

The railway police officer took the woman — who belonged to Jaranwala’s Chak 40 Mor, Faisalabad — with him after violently beating her on April 7.
The victim’s brother, Afzal, said that his sister used to work at a beauty parlour in Karachi and she was coming to Jaranwala to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr.

The brother demanded that the death of his sister should be investigated.

Previously it was reported that the constable came to check the ticket of the woman after he was told that she was travelling without a pass. The woman refused that she was travelling without a ticket after which the policeman tortured her in front of her children.

Later, the cop claimed that the woman had kidnapped the kids. Despite this allegation, he confessed to have beaten up the woman after she misbehaved with him.