Imaan Z Hazir Mazari, the lawyer of the woman who was raped in F- 9 Park, has said that Islamabad Police’s claim of killing the two main suspects in a late-night encounter at a police checkpoint is false.

She further said that the suspects have been found to be involved in 50-rape cases.

On Thursday, the Islamabad Police said that the two main suspects in the F-9 Park girl rape case were killed in a late-night encounter at a police checkpoint.


In a series of tweets, the police had claimed that the suspects opened fire on them. In retaliatory firing, the suspects were injured and later succumbed to their injuries.

The police said that they were not only involved in the F-9 rape incident but other “serious crimes”. One of the suspects was involved in a deadly mugging, it added.

‘Don’t leave home after sunset’: Rapists tell survivor after raping her, give her Rs1000

On February 4, a woman was allegedly gang-raped by two unidentified armed men in a public park located in Islamabad’s F-9 area.

According to the First Information Report (FIR), two armed men approached the rape survivor while she was with her male coworker in a park in F-9.

According to the FIR, the men separated the woman from her colleague and took them to a neighbouring bush at gunpoint. The suspects beat the young woman up after she pleaded with them to let her go and even offered them money in exchange for her safety.

The rape survivor in the FIR said that after raping her the rapists told her not to leave home after the sunset and also gave her Rs1000.

She further said that the suspects asked her about her relationship with her colleague and slapped her.

Islamabad Police in a tweet said that DNA samples of all the suspects are being collected.