A woman has given birth to a baby without any assistance on the floor of one of the biggest government hospitals in Haripur in extremely freezing weather.

On Tuesday, a man brought his pregnant wife to the hospital in the morning and she fell on the ground due to labour pain. The woman got no assistance from any medical staff during her labour until she delivered a child on the cold floor.


Once her condition started to worsen, her husband and family members raised a big hue and cry which the medical personnel took her to the general ward.

According to hospital sources that this incident happened due to the negligence of nurses who were on duty as they did not arrange a bed for her in the gynaecology ward despite its availability. No gynaecologist/obstetrician was present on duty at night in the hospital and the incident took place before 8 am.

On the other side, relatives of the woman claimed that they did not receive treatment because they are poor. The nurses shifted the woman to the ward after the family raised major concerns.

Meanwhile, her family members have demanded an inquiry into the incident.