Trigger warning: Suicide/Self-harm

A 34-year-old woman named Reena from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, has committed suicide after her husband prevented her from going to a beauty salon, police officials have confirmed.

The woman hanged herself on Thursday in her home located in Scheme Number 51 of the city.


The Sub-Inspector in charge of the case stated that the husband told the police that he had stopped her from going to the salon, after which she hanged herself in a fit of anger.


The case is currently under investigation from all possible angles, while the post-mortem has already been conducted.

Balram, the husband of the deceased said, “I just asked her not to go to the beauty parlour. I informed the police.”

As per media reports, family members of the couple stated that the Barlam and Reena were constantly engaging in fights and arguments.