A new study conducted by scientists at the Newcastle University in England shows that women are less likely to be involved in road accidents. Moreover, they are better at taking control of cars due their faster reaction time.

The study says that women tend to avoid driving recklessly and have more control over their vehicles. They are better at taking back control of the vehicles because of relatively faster reaction time than men.

For this study, 43 men and 33 women were chosen wherein they had to use driving simulator. It revealed that women took back control of the car faster than men. Additionally, relatively smaller proportion of women were recorded in hasty takeovers proving them more patient while driving.



The test was run at two different speeds, 30 mph and 60 mph, in clear, rainy, snowy and foggy conditions, with visibilities of 3,280 feet, 1,312 feet, 656 feet and 328 feet respectively.

Women exhibited more control of the steering wheel and relatively quicker reaction time to different situations. On average, women took 2.45 to react and gained back control while men took 2.63 seconds.

This reaction time shows that women are less likely to be involved in road accidents as compared to their male counterparts.