A Pakistani family hailing from Larkana made history after they set a Guinness World Record for “most family members born on the same day” category.

All nine family members share the same birthday, August 1.

The family surpassed the record of an American family of five members, who had held the Guinness record since 1966.


The record-holder family consists of Amir Azad Mangi, his wife Khadija, and their seven children, including two sets of twins.

Mangi was born on Aug. 1, 1968, his wife on Aug. 1, 1973, their first daughter Sindhu on Aug. 1, 1992, twin daughters Sassi and Sapna on Aug. 1, 1998, first son Amir on Aug. 1, 2001, second son Ambar on Aug. 1, 2002, and twin sons Amar and Ahmer on Aug. 1, 2003.


Interestingly, Mangi’s wedding anniversary falls on the same day, making it a significant date for the entire family.

The world record was added to the list in 2019.