The world’s first flying ship has completed the testing phase and is likely to be introduced next year. This electric flying passenger ship has been developed by a Swedish company, Candela Technology AB. It has been named Candela P12, and is 12 meters long.


It can carry 30 passengers at a time. According to the company, the Candela P12 can fly through water at a speed of 29 miles per hour. The company added that this will change the way of traveling in water.


Working Mechanism:

The aircraft uses hydrofoils for flight. Its lower part in the water rises above the surface of the water. Hydrofoils reduce water friction and allow the ship to travel at higher speeds than conventional boats. It uses two engines powered by a 252 kW battery, while its digital flight control system adjusts the hydrofoils based on currents in waves, wind, and water.

The company did not provide a price but said that from 2024, the electric ride will make a 55-minute journey in 25 minutes.