The social media platform formerly known as Twitter has recently faced scrutiny following reports by Bloomberg, revealing plans to gather biometric data, job information, and educational backgrounds from its users. A newly-released privacy policy confirms that ‘X’ intends to utilise this data, along with other personal information it collects, for the purpose of training machine learning algorithms, as first observed by Alex Ivanovs at Stackdiary.

The privacy policy explicitly states that the company will employ the information it gathers, in combination with publicly accessible data, to support the training of its machine learning and artificial intelligence models. Elon Musk has acknowledged this change but has assured users that only publicly available information will be collected, excluding private messages.

Notably, ‘X’ doesn’t have any publicly declared AI ambitions, but its owner, Elon Musk, does. He recently launched a company called ‘xAI,’ which aims to explore the fundamental aspects of the universe. This suggests a potential link between users’ biometric data and Musk’s ambitious scientific pursuits, as indicated on the xAI homepage, which mentions collaboration with ‘X’ to advance their shared mission.


Another plausible scenario is Musk’s expressed desire to challenge LinkedIn, a platform he has criticised as “cringe.” ‘X’ appears to be collecting job and education histories from its user base, aligning with Musk’s vision for a more appealing professional networking platform.

Lastly, there is the possibility that ‘X’ might consider selling user data to boost its revenue, given its limited advertising income. However, it’s essential to note that there is currently no concrete evidence to support this theory, and historically, Twitter primarily used collected user data for its own benefit rather than sharing it with third parties.