In a groundbreaking announcement, a Japanese firm, Yamaha, has presented a proposal to launch a ferry service connecting Karachi’s Do Darya with Port Qasim, as well as develop various water sports facilities across the province of Sindh.

The proposal was discussed during a meeting between Chief Minister (CM) Syed Murad Ali Shah and Yoshiyuki ITO, the Senior General Manager for Central Asia and the Middle East at Yamaha Japan.

The officials explored the potential of establishing water sports facilities at different barrages and lakes in Sindh, with a particular focus on enhancing recreational activities.


A statement issued by the CM House outlined the discussion, revealing that the proposed ferry service between Do Darya and Port Qasim was among the key topics.

Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah expressed enthusiasm for the idea, emphasising the immense potential to develop water sports facilities in collaboration with Yamaha Pakistan.

The chief minister further highlighted the possibilities for establishing these facilities at various barrages in Sindh, including Keenjhar, Guddu, Sukkur, and Kotri Barrages.

He underlined the importance of involving the private sector in such endeavors, which would contribute to the growth of water-based recreational activities in the region.

During the meeting, the Yamaha representative informed Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah that the proposed ferry service would not only facilitate transportation but also provide recreational opportunities.

Additionally, he emphasised the quality and performance of Yamaha’s WaveRunners, indicating their suitability for water sports enthusiasts.

The introduction of a ferry service and the development of water sports facilities in Sindh would not only boost tourism but also enhance the overall experience for locals and visitors alike.

As the proposal moves forward, collaboration between Yamaha and the provincial government holds the promise of an exciting future for water-based recreational activities in Sindh.