Yashma Gill defends game nights, exercise in Ramzan, urges personal worship
During Ramzan, the trend of game nights became increasingly popular among celebrities. Some engaged in physical sports such as badminton and tennis, while others played board games before Sehri.

This trend gained momentum rapidly, with game nights being organised at what seemed to be, a regular basis.
Actor Yashma Gill attended these game nights and even hosted one during the Ramzan. After she was criticised for being a part of these events, Yashma has now responded to comments.

Gill said, “During Ramzan, we stay up until Sehri and also engage in worship, so game nights are a good idea. Physical activity is important for health. People who criticize us should focus on their own worship instead of commenting on our activities. We also engage in worship, but along with that, there’s a bit of physical activity. We have more time, so we adjust our shooting schedules accordingly.”