The Diary of a Social Butterfly, a regular feature in The Friday Times, by Moni Mohsin gives us the comic relief we so often need. The Butterfly was such a smashing hit that Moni wrote three books – The Diary of a Social Butterfly, Tender Hooks and The Return of the Butterfly – on her adventures.

While all of us here in Pakistan are big fans of the character and the books, it turns out that the Butterfly is winning hearts across the border as well. Wonder what she has to say on that.

Former Bollywood actor and author Twinkle Khanna is a fan of Moni Mohsin’s Tender Hooks and she took to social media to praise the book.


Twinkle herself has authored three bestsellers: Mrs Funnybones, The Legend Of Lakshmi Prasad and Pyjamas Are Forgiving.

Tender Hooks follows the Butterfly as she “schemes her way through shaadis, GTs (oho baba, Get Togethers!), and kitty parties trying to find a suitable girl from the right bagground,” for her divorced cousin Jokers.