Zainab Qayyum, popularly known as ZQ, has explained that why she underwent multiple COVID testings during the pandemic.

Responding to a news report which said that the actor got herself tested 11 times because of fear, Zainab Qayyum said: “Uff. Mein wehmi loony nahin different projects may acting karnay kay tehat yeh ehtyaati tadbeer ka hissa hai.”

The actor further explained that she got “11 tests in the past nine months because I’ve been working on eight different projects with eight different sets of cast and crew. We have to be careful for ourselves as well as our costars.”


Qayyum also bashed a local media publication for publishing a misleading headline.

Dunya News poori khabar dayni chayay na kay sunsannnnni waali headline,” said Zainab.

Earlier, Zainab Qayyum had hit out at her colleagues and fellow actors for partying amid the pandemic.

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“Honestly, as an actor, I don’t have a choice but to go to work where we work under the strictest SOPs,” said ZQ. “I haven’t met anyone apart from my costars on set for fear of being a silent carrier since last year. Have had 11 covid tests (all negative).”

“Please don’t host [or] attend social events and then come on set to work with us,” she added.

When a social media user appreciated ZQ for not attending any gatherings, she replied: “Because I am choosing NOT to go. I am responsible, not only for myself but also [for] my co-stars who I have to come on set and work with daily. I’m not going to put them or their families at risk, nor do I expect them to put me at risk either.”

Qayyum is part of multiple on-air dramas including Geo Entertainment’s Qayamat and ARY Digital’s Shehnai.