While Sara Sharif’s parents, Urfan Sharif and Beinash Batool are still on the run, Pakistan police took five of Sharif’s children into custody on Monday, District Police Office (DPO) of Jhelum has confirmed.

Geo News has reported that Noman, Azlam, Ihsan, Hina, and Bisma Sharif are in police protection right now, while their father, the prime suspect, remains on the loose.

Previously, Sara Sharif’s grandfather, Muhammad Sharif, had denied knowing where his son was or the family’s whereabouts but now, he revealed that he had been sheltering the children at his place in Jhelum.


Geo reports that as per witnesses, police had been stationed outside Muhammad Sharif’s residence, with officers stopping the people from recording proceedings on their phones. On the other hand, Muhammad Sharif claims that during the operation, the police damaged the house’s gates and CCTV cameras.

The family has alleged that the police have been terrorising them, subjecting some relatives to involuntary detention, conducting unwarranted searches of their residence, and in order to put pressure on the family, fabricated charges have been filed against them.

The police, on the contrary, have denied all assertions and are determined to find Sara Sharif’s father, Urfan Sharif, who is allegedly the main suspect.


10-year-old Sara Sharif’s uncle and grandfather have been detained from Jhelum in a case pertaining to the child’s mysterious death in the UK.

As per the police, 10 people in total have been arrested.

Moreover, the detained persons have been kept at an unknown location, and three of the family’s vehicles have also been seized.

Police say that Sara’s parents, father Urfan Sharif and stepmother Beinash Batool, are still on the run. Meanwhile, a case of kidnapping has been filed against two of Sharif’s brothers and his brother-in-law.

The case

On August 10, 10-year-old Sara Sharif was found dead in her home in Woking, England, when her father, Urfan Sharif, called 999 from Pakistan.

Nadeem Riaz, shop owner and a travelling agent, has known Sharif for 11 years. During an interview with The Times, he recalled that on August 8, he booked one way tickets to Pakistan on urgent basis, claiming that his cousin died.

On August 9, Sharif, his wife Beinash Batool, their five children and Sharif’s brother Faisal Malik left for Islamabad from the UK on a British Airways flight.

The next day, Urfan Sharif called 999 after which the police found Sara’s body at home. Surrey Police then began an investigation along with international partners. The same day, after arriving at Islamabad, the family travelled to Jhelum. The police kept on tracking them as they left for Domeli late on August 12, and then left Domeli the very next day. This was the last location tracked.

On August 15, Pakistan police received a request from International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) via FIA to hunt them down.