A visionary concept like that of the likes of Shell’s flagship programme, the Shell Tameer, is one that gives youth a dynamic platform where sustainable, revolutionary, and scaleble ideas can prosper. Shell Tameer Awards is a beacon of hope for innovators and their developmental portfolios designed to fortify economies. Shell Tameer lays the foundation of entrepreneurship, and innovation to create meaningful changes in the country. A nationwide spectacle became the nexus where innovative ideas and creative minds across Pakistan came together to share a platform for the benefit of the country.

Shell Tameer Awards 2023 saw a plethora of impeccable ideas poised to redefine Pakistan’s trajectory of progress. These ideas promise to bring transformative solutions to the challenges faced by the nation and its people, acting as a catalyst for economic growth.

Diverse in scope and impact, the Shell Tameer Awards boast a spectrum of categories that mirror the multifaceted challenges and opportunities of our time, let’s shed some light on a few of many extraordinary visions that we encountered on the 10th Shell Tameer Awards.


Clean Energy Solutions

Clean Energy Jamal Ahmed – Solar Safe – A pioneering startup from Peshawar, specialising in solar panel cleaning, maintenance, and repair services for solar PV systems. It aligns with the principles of sustainability and circular economy by extending up to 10 years the lifespan of solar panels and maximising the energy of energy production.

Sheraz Khalid – ECO CHAR – An environmentally friendly clean-tech based charcoal manufacturer that addresses the issue of sub-standard fuel in domestic, industrial, and commercial sectors.

Empowering Women

Shehnaz Akhtar – HALANCE NATURALS PVT LTD – A company that works towards creating natural and clean skincare, hair oils and essential soaps, scrubs, and shampoos nurtured through organically grown fruit goodness that grows from pesticide-free farming.

Technology Innovation

Farha Masood – BIO-NANO INNOVATIONS – A young startup developing specialised wound dressing for diabetic patients who consistently face issues of foot ulcers, bacterial invasion, and infections. The business aims to commercialize affordable adhesive dressings to provide aseptic conditions and promote wound healing for diabetic patients.

Abdul Hanan – Softwares Solution – A smart system designed to serve over 70 million people suffering from stammer/stutter by taking voice input and predicting the next word/sentence as transcribed output.

Anjum Javed – AGRIBOTX – Forefront runner of a transformative solution – Precision Robotics for future farming harnessed with cutting-edge technology, AI, and data-driven insights to develop a comprehensive suite of robotic solutions.

Circular Economy

Humza Rehman – RDUINOTRONICS – A high-quality filaments producer that uses discarded plastic bottles to manufacture filaments suitable for 3D printers, hence addressing the issue of plastic waste and fulfilling the need for more accessible and cost-effective filaments.

Bushra Ali Khan – BAAZYAFT – An eco-friendly initiative where underprivileged communities, including transgenders and deserving females, produce home accessories, stationery items, and fashion accessories from textile waste.

The Shell Tameer Awards extend beyond the winner’s podium, all 30 finalists benefit from global consultancy, exposure, and constructive feedback from industry leaders, helping them progress their business and further their ideas from concept to reality.

Shell Tameer emerges as a catalyst for entrepreneurship and a flag-bearer of creative potential across Pakistan. It empowers leaders, game-changers, and trailblazers to shape national economic growth. Two decades on, the program continues to foster innovative solutions, building a modern, convenient, and vibrant ecosystem that propels the future of the nation. As we celebrate another successful year of the 10th Shell Tameer Awards, we eagerly anticipate the untold stories and hidden brilliance that will shape the next chapter of Pakistan’s journey towards progress and innovation.