Noor Mukadam’s father Shaukat Ali Mukadam has demanded capital punishment for the murderer of his daughter Zahir Jaffer. Mukadam, recorded his statement today in an Islamabad court.

During today’s hearing Noor’s father said that he did not have a “personal enmity” with anyone. “My daughter was unjustly killed”, he added.

“Zahir Jaffer should be given a death sentence,” he said. During his statement, he recalled the events leading to Noor’s death. He said that he and his wife had left for some work on July 19 and when he returned back to the house, Noor was not there.


“[On] July 20 — I know Zahir’s family — Zahir called me on two numbers in the afternoon and said Noor was not with him,” he stated. He further added that later in the day at 10pm he got a call from the Kohsar police station informing him that his daughter had been killed and asking him to visit the police station.


He went on to add that after the call he went to the police station and then went to Zahir’s house where he saw Noor’s body. He told the court that he signed a statement with Assistant Sub-Inspector Zubair Mazhar after identifying Noor’s body. He later signed off on a report on the cause of death. Shaukat added he had handed over Noor’s body for postmortem on July 21.

Noor Mukadam was brutally murdered at a residence in Islamabad’s upscale Sector F-7/4 on July 20. Her death sparked national outrage, including protests and candlelight vigils across the country.