During the holy month of Ramzan, around 1,600 motorcycles, 1,800 cell phones, and 121 four-wheelers were snatched or stolen in Karachi, according to provincial officials’ records.

On the other hand, considering street criminal occurrences in the city, seven people were killed and 43 others were injured. According to the police, there was a decrease in the theft of mobile phones, motorcycles, and vehicles.

Karachi police have undertaken a number of steps to curb the city’s escalating street crime events, most notably preparing a draught law for e-tagging of street criminals, with Additional IG Karachi Ghulam Nabi Memon stating that 11,000 suspects will be placed under electronic surveillance.


According to a draught law developed by AIG Karachi, this will be the first time the police in Pakistan will use the technology, and anyone caught repeating a crime will be tracked for two years via e-tagging.

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The defendant could only get a bond if he files an affidavit promising not to leave a given zone during the duration of electronic observation.