A recent report by the World Bank has revealed that 40 per cent of children in Pakistan are suffering from food insecurity, adding that most children under the age of five do not have access to clean water and do not have toilet facilities.

The report also highlights the significance of the first 1000 days after birth that are very important for the mental health of the child because 80 per cent of the child’s mind is formed during this period.

45 per cent of the Pakistani children who die under five years of age are due to lack of food.


Additionally, while many children are raised with livestock animals, those who are malnutritioned consume dirt containing livestock waste.

The World Bank report also reveals that about 50 per cent of the drinking water of Sindh contains bacteria while mothers working with livestock feed their children without washing their hands due to lack of hygiene.

The World Bank said that comprehensive data on child malnutrition in Pakistan needs to be collected, and programs on child nutrition need to start on an urgent basis.