Two alleged phone calls between business tycoon Malik Riaz and his daughter Amber have been leaked in which the two can be heard talking about gifting a diamond ring to former First Lady Bushra Bibi in return for a favour that Khan is doing for them.

Initially, the conversation revolves around Amber talking to her father about Bushra Bibi’s friend Farah Khan — who allegedly acted as a bridge between Amber and Bibi. Amber tells her father that Farah has demanded a five-carat diamond ring for Bibi.

As per the alleged audio leak, Amber says to her father that she inquired from Farah about a letter and asked, “When will the locks be opened”?


In the alleged audio leak, it is revealed that Bushra Bibi did not like the ring. According to Farah Khan, the ring is quite ordinary for a First Lady and asked that it be returned and a new one be given.

When Amber told her father, Malik can be heard saying, “Buy whatever she wants.” Farah also promised Amber that Khan has said that the letter would be given to them tomorrow.

The conversation is believed to have taken place when Imran Khan was still the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Moreover, the ring is reportedly from Harry Winston.

Here are some of pictures of Harry Winston rings along with their prices.

Note: these pictures and prices are for reference only. It is not known what ring was given at what price, only that it was allegedly a Harry Winston ring.


However, the business tycoon has rejected the claims.