57 dead bodies were found buried in a mass grave in a town in Ukraine called Bucha. It is situated in the west of the city of Kyiv. The mass grave was found at the back of the church in the town center. Ukrainian troops recaptured the area from Russian forces on Sunday, reports Khaleej Times.

According to the head of rescue services, Serhii Kaplychnyi, “Here in this long grave, 57 people are buried.” Kaplychnyi is also responsible for organising the recovery of the bodies.

Some dead bodies were either partially covered by the earth or unburied completely. Some bodies were found in black zip-up bags while some were in civilian clothing.


Russian forces were accused of a ‘deliberate massacre’ in the town by Ukraine authorities.

A French media reporter claimed that he saw almost 20 dead bodies in civilian clothing which were scattered across the streets in town. One make dead body identified had his hands behind his back tied with a white piece of cloth.

Germany also called for new European Union (EU) sanctions against Russia for killing innocent civilians in Bucha and called it a ‘war crime.’ The United Kingdom also called for an investigation of these brutal war crimes committed by Russia.