Many illegal Afghan citizens living in Pakistan are heading back to their homeland by October 31.

So far, 62,079 undocumented Afghans have been repatriated.

On October 22 alone, 2518 Afghans went back to Afghanistan.


Among these 2518 Afghan citizens were 522 men, 218 women and 1778 children.

Pakistan has accelerated the process of sending back illegal Afghans. As per reports, Afghans in Peshawar, Khyber and other areas have started selling their properties.

Operations to arrest and deport illegal citizens have been under way.

On October 4, the caretaker government set November 1 as the deadline for illegal immigrants residing in Pakistan, warning that action will be taken against them after the deadline. The decision was taken during an apex committee meeting on the National Action Plan (NAP) at the Prime Minister’s House.

“We have given them [foreigners residing in Pakistan unlawfully] a deadline of November 1 to willingly return to their countries and if they don’t, all law enforcement agencies (LEAs) of the state and provinces will deport them,” Interim Interior Minister Sarfraz Bugti had stated at a press conference.