Almost 78% of Pakistanis believe that no woman is safe in Pakistan while only 20% believe that women are safe in the country, a survey conducted by Pulse Consultant has shown.

At least 18,000 Pakistanis participated in the survey conducted by a Karachi-based marketing and social research company, Pulse Consultant. 

Most of the Pakistanis who think women are unsafe in the country were from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.


The survey showed that 35% of citizens of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa consider women safe to some extent in Pakistan, while only 19% consider them completely safe.

Similarly, 35% of people in Punjab saw women as unsafe in Pakistan, 41% saw them safe to some extent, and 21% saw them completely safe.

The rate of people who consider women unsafe in Pakistan from Sindh was 26% in the survey, while the rate of those who consider them safe to some extent was 49%. Meanwhile, 24% of the survey respondents considered them to be completely safe in the country.

The survey showed that most Pakistanis who see women safe to some extent in Pakistan are from Balochistan, where 74% of people vouched for it.

Whereas, 19% of citizens of Balochistan saw women as unsafe in Pakistan. Only 7% of the respondents from the province saw them as completely safe.

The statistics compiled in the survey based on social status suggested that 45% of people from the lower class believe that women are not safe in Pakistan.

The rate of people who saw women as unsafe from the lower middle class was 35%, 30% from the middle class, 29% from the upper-middle class, while 34% from the upper class.

Meanwhile, statistics based on gender showed that women were more positive than men when it came to their safety in Pakistan.

As many as 29% of women believe that they are safe outside the home, while only 22% of men vouched for it. 

The survey was conducted through CATI (Computer assisted telephonic interviews), a state-of-the-art technology where all calls are recorded.

Overall Perception of Women Safety in Pakistan

  •  Only 20% of Pakistanis feel that women are ‘safe’ in Pakistan
  •  43% believe that women are ‘somewhat safe’ – it means their opinion is in between – neither they believe that Pakistani women are ‘unsafe’ nor do they believe that Pakistani women are ‘safe’
  •  35% of Pakistanis believe that Pakistani women are entirely not safe in Pakistan
  •  Highest perception of “unsafety” reported from KP (46%) followed by Punjab (35%)

Women Safety – Outside the home – Women’s Perception

  •  29% of the Pakistani females feel that they are ‘safe’ when they go outside the home
  • However, 35% of females believe that they are “smewhat safe” and similar population (35%) believes that they are absolutely “unsafe” when they commute in society
  •  The highest perception of “unsafety” again reported from KP (46%) followed by Punjab (36%)
  •  Almost half (51%) of the female respondents from ‘Upper Class’ & one third (38%) from ‘Lowest Class’ have a concern about safety when commuting outside the home

Women Safety – Outside the home – Male’s Perception

  •  Interestingly, males consider females less safe (22%) in Pakistan as compared to female respondents (29%)
  •  The majority 45% of males believes that their family female members are “somewhat safe” and 30% believe that their family females’ members are ‘unsafe’ outside the home
  •  Interestingly, contrary to females belonging to ‘Upper Class’ (Where 51% believe that they are unsafe), almost one-third of males belong to the same class have the opinion that their female family members are safe (36%) and only one-fourth (25%) have the opinion that females family members are ‘unsafe’