Along with the country’s economy, restoring the declining confidence of Pakistani consumers is a big challenge for the caretaker government.

Apsus Pakistan released the third quarter survey report of Consumer Confidence Index.

According to the survey report, 98 per cent of Pakistanis are not happy with the country’s direction, while the number of Pakistanis who consider the direction to be correct has come down to merely 2 per cent.


According to the report, Pakistanis are disappointed with the country’s economy and their own financial situation, 76 per cent of Pakistanis say the country’s economy is weak and 68 per cent say their financial situation is precarious.

The survey also revealed that 66 per cent of Pakistanis are not optimistic about improvement in the country’s economic conditions, even in the next six months, while 60 per cent see their financial conditions becoming weaker in the future.