I recently watched ‘Poppay Ki Wedding’ and thoroughly enjoyed it. The movie tells the story of a modern man who returns to his hometown for his sister’s wedding, only to find out that his family has arranged his marriage to a stranger. Determined to challenge traditional customs, he sets out to catch a glimpse of his future wife’s face before the wedding day.

The cast, including Khushhal Khan, Nazish Jahangir, Rehan Sheikh, Shamyale Nasir, Sara Aijaz Khan, and Aleezay Rasul, deliver impressive performances in this romantic comedy. The film’s writers and directors, Kanza Zia and Ammar Lasani, deserve credit for giving new faces a chance to shine in roles that fit their characters perfectly. The film introduces new faces that fit their roles perfectly.

The story is engaging, with Poppay navigating his conflicting desires and family pressures, all while maintaining a light-hearted, comedic tone.Chu Chu, Poppay’s friend, and Mooda, who is Poppay’s uncle, are standout characters who add a lot of humor to the story. The music in the film is exciting and enhances the film’s lively atmosphere.


The film features four songs: ‘Poppay di Shaan’ (the theme of the film), ‘Pardesi Larka’ ‘Aisa Ishq,’ and ‘O Khuda.’ Each song adds to the vibrant, festive feel of the movie.The film’s message about respecting our parents’ choices and decisions is a valuable one. While Poppay’s journey from resisting arranged marriage to embracing it is entertaining, it also highlights the importance of family and tradition.This could be on time watch film recommend ‘Poppay Ki Wedding.’ It’s a fun, colorful, and heartwarming film that you can enjoy with family and friends. You won’t regret buying tickets for this entertaining movie.

One drawback of the film, in my opinion, is that Poppay’s cousin’s acting, while showing promise with her expressions, fell short in terms of her dialogue delivery. Her lines often felt forced or unnatural, which detracted from the overall impact of her performance.