Yashma Gill should add stand up comedy to her skill set, because seriously, we’re in fits since this hilarious revelation.

At the ‘The Talk Talk Show’ the actress narrated that efforts to get married led to a hysterical situation for which her on-set colleagues still mock her to this day. Yashma revealed she had wanted to get married for some time, but because of her hectic work schedule it was difficult for her to find someone she liked, adding that she wasn’t a fan of the proposals her mother was sending her.

All of this, the ‘Bebak’ actress recalled, led her to joining a matrimonial site.


“I joined a matrimonial site, but they couldn’t believe that they were speaking with Yashma Gill,” the actress laughed. “So they requested me to hold a video call to confirm if it was truly me. We talked on video call and they asked me about my preference and everything.”

But then, the actress said the rishta website asked her to pay four lacs for registering on their website, and then fork out another four lacs after she secures the rishta!

“I said no thank you, I’ll find someone on my own”, Yashma chuckled, putting an end to her rishta hunting process.