Ahmed Sabir, husband of a pregnant woman who allegedly hammered a nail in her head a few days ago on the instructions of an ‘Aamil [faith healer]’ has denied any involvement of the faith healer in the incident.

Sabir, while speaking with journalists on Thursday, claimed that his wife is suffering from a mental illness for a long period of time. She had previously received treatment from psychiatrists.

Sabir rejected all media reports that he had threatened his wife that he will divorce her and remarry if she did not give birth to a boy. He revealed that this woman is his second wife with whom he has three children, including two sons. He has eight children with his first wife, including four sons.


While talking to journalists, he said, “You people would not believe this, but she is possessed by spirits.”

Sabir said that his second wife had previously jumped from their house, which is a three-storey building.

Earlier, a statement was given by Sabir’s wife that an ‘Aamil’ instructed her to hammer a nail into her skull when she found out that she was about to deliver a daughter again from an ultrasound.

She got injured and was rushed to Lady Reading Hospital, and underwent emergency surgery to remove the nail from her skull.

The woman left the hospital with her family after the nail was removed from her head.